Jess Stitt

What school did you attend, what was your major, and when did you graduate?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University. And no, I’m not going to admit how long ago I graduated.

What is your current job title?

I am an IPT (Integrated Product Team) Manager at Spirit AeroSystems

When did you get involved in SWE?

I’ve been a member of SWE for over ten years and have been actively involved with the Wichita Professional Section for the last nine. This is my fourth year to co-chair the Expo and I’m working on making sure everyone in the Wichita area knows about Expo and possible joins the committee. Just ask over half of the current committee, I recruited them!

What are your responsibilities for the Expo?

Anything that someone else isn’t doing is ours to do. No, seriously. The biggest responsibility for me this year is to train someone else to know how to chair the event so we can continue to grow those that know how to run the Expo. I’m excited to have found that in Sarah. As the chair, I fill in for any position that needs help or that we don’t have a chair for.

As the sponsorship chair, I coordinate with companies and groups of people interested in helping us with the Expo. I give presentations and work the behind the scenes that allow this event to be as big as it is.

What are some hobbies of yours?

In my free time (does that really exist?) I volunteer with the dog rescue Hands of Hope, I’m the Financial Advisor to the Wichita State University Tri Delta Chapter, and I’m training for my 3rd half marathon. I also have two dogs - my escape artist Lola and my almost blind/deaf tattle tale Corky.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

All but two of my living family members have something to do with Expo as volunteers.  I’m proud of how much my family has embraced supporting it!