Meet the Team

This event is a success each and every year due to the hardworking team listed below as well as the volunteers that help work the booths, the companies that sponsor this event, and the families that attend the day of. We could not do this without each and every one of you.

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Jess Stitt    -Co-chair    -Sponsorship

Jess Stitt



Sarah Niles    -Co-chair    -Newsletter

Sarah Niles



Michelle Boehm    -Booth Chair

Michelle Boehm

-Booth Chair

Hannah Morris    -Materials Chair

Hannah Morris

-Materials Chair

Rachael Schwantes    -Treasurer/Budget    -Sponsorship    -Newsletter

Rachael Schwantes




Shaina Shapiro    -Venue Chair

Shaina Shapiro

-Venue Chair

Sarah Dawson    -Volunteer Coordinator    -Website Designer

Sarah Dawson

-Volunteer Coordinator

-Website Designer

Alexis Fitzpatrick    -Social Media

Alexis Fitzpatrick

-Social Media