Brooke was a mom in attendance at the expo and Seth was a dad who volunteered for the event. The photo does not represent the interviewed individuals.

did you know what expo was going to be like before you got there? What did you expect it to be like?

B: Yes, I did know what it was going to be like, we had attended several years ago.

S: I kind of knew what to expect as I had attended a SWE Expo a few years ago at Spirit. I expected lots of kids trying lots of different activities.

did anything surprise you the most?

B: It was larger than I expected

did you have fun at the expo?

B: Yes, I enjoyed it and watching my kids and others learn and participate in the activities
S: I very much enjoyed Expo. I just liked seeing how the kids were interested in the different activities and that they seemed to enjoy learning by doing.

did you participate in any of the activities?

B: No, I did not. But I wanted to make a bouncy ball
S: I volunteered at the Future Foam booth. We helped the kids make elephant toothpaste. It was controlled chaos, but it was fun. We had a steady line of kids most of the day. I didn’t have enough time to participate in other booth activities.

which activities would you like to have tried?

S: Angry birds! Also, the water power booth looked interesting. And maybe making a goofy message on the highway construction sign.

did you take home any good ideas for stem projects to do with your kids?

B: With my kids being on the older side, I did not

what activities seemed to be most popular with your kids?

B: The trebuchet and the drones

what were your takeaways as a booth volunteer?

S: I was glad to see that the kids enjoyed the day, spending time learning by doing. Some of the kids’ reactions were priceless!

would you like to volunteer again next year?