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Becoming a Sponsor

What does my sponsorship give?

If your sponsorship is a monetary donation, we are able to use it for a number of things. This could be buying supplies for various booths, creating signs and flyers, or even buying advertising. All of this allows us to spend more time creating new activities and making the expo the best it can be. We also appreciate sponsorship that isn’t purely monetary. This would be companies letting us use their product or service at a discounted rate. Every sponsorship is greatly appreciated and this event could not go on without you.

What do I get from Sponsorship?

By sponsoring this event, you are placed in categories by how much is donated. The categories and descriptions of each can be seen in the table. Besides being able to use this as a tax-deductible donation for your company, we make sure guests know who made this event possible. Depending on the level of sponsorship, this can range anywhere from a shout out on our Facebook event and website to a logo on our staff and volunteer shirts.

how do i become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is easy, either click “Sponsor This Event” to fill out a quick application or contact us directly at exposponsorship@wichitaswe.org.