Interview with siblings Ross (9th grade) and Heather (7th grade). The photo does not represent the interviewed individuals.

did you know what expo was going to be like before you got there? what did you expect it to be like?

R: Yes, I expected it to be crowded and busy
H: I had no idea. I expected there to be lots of people and crazy activities.

what were some of the coolest activities that you saw or did at expo?

R: I thought the drones were pretty cool
H: I liked the elephant toothpaste and the trebuchet

are there any activities that you saw or did at expo that you would like to try at home or school? if so, what were they?

H: I liked the Orbeez stressball and it was really easy to make so I think that

did you have any friends that attended as well? If so, did they have fun?

R: I saw one of my classmates there and I think she probably liked it
H: I had my neighbor go and I think she really enjoyed it

do you want to go to expo next year?

H: I do think that it was more little kid based and there were not many older kid activities. I did like that other companies were involved.

lastly, what do you want to be when you grow up?

R: Iā€™m not sure at the moment
H: I want to be an interior designer